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So many of our day to day actions are repetitive like washing dishes, gassing up the car or getting the mail and we become unconscious as we do them. This unconsciousness can be a good thing. It allows us to drop into an altered state where it is possible to experience differently.


I am reminded of the ‘enlightened dishwasher’ who used these simple, repetitive and mind numbing acts to focus and be present achieving universal wisdom and divine enlightenment as a result. 


The dishwasher approached each dish washing act in the busy restaurant with intent to be fully aware of the dish, the water’s wetness and the creation of its perfect temperature, the feel of soap, its aroma, the sensation of warm water on the hands, the movement of water across each plate, the pleasure of making a dish or glass clean, the squeak of a bowl finally cleaned and the satisfaction of completion with each dish.


There is so much to experience and be aware of in each moment.  Tedious, monotonous jobs bloom into experiences awakening the senses if we allow them. Life is to be savored, not rushed through. We often speak of stopping to smell the roses. We can do this in each seemingly boring task by paying full attention. Our senses will come alive. With focus each moment expands.


By surrendering ourselves to the moment, we access a state of being wherein a rich, sensual world opens up to us full of harmony and balance. It is a simple way to achieve enlightenment, this paying attention and being present. It is within easy reach for each of us.  High blood pressure drops, stress falls away and it all happens in a moment. We enter that altered state of being, meditative, aware, more alive, more expanded and more present.


Joy can be found in such simple pleasures if we take the effort to allow, surrender, be present and focus on the small tasks at hand. We are in a body in this lifetime in order to have these experiences. Enjoy them.  They are available to you in endless variety. Next time you are washing the dishes, be present. Open yourself to the richness of your senses. I promise it will be quite an experience. Go ahead, amaze yourself!

I challenge you to experience each action as though it were for the first time.


Joy is always an option!


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