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Business or Personal Intuitive Sessions

Breath of Fresh Air Readings

Initial Intuitive Sessions

  In Depth Introspectives

Past Life Regressions for healing

Medical Intuitive Health Readings

Connecting with Loved ones who have crossed over

One and Three questions readings by Email



Living in joy and being in alignment with your highest knowing IS possible.  With her sensitivity and ability to identify your personal issues, Dolly Mae helps you tap into your own inner power to create dynamic and real changes in your life.  She holds a safe and supportive space so the real you can shine forth.  You will find out what blocks you and get real tools to replace those old tapes that no longer serve you.  Dolly Mae's readings are uplifting and self-empowering.



My initial meeting with Dolly shocked me out of my complacency and made me face the lies that I had learned to live with. We all know that the lies we tell ourselves are the worst, and I was better than most at creating the fiction of a chosen and happy life. I was a well-presented fraud.


Two days of Dolly's unique blend of serenity and energy (you have to experience it to understand) had me turning my life upside down and taking all the risks I had protected my poor bruised heart from attempting. The results are indeed Joyful.


 "Deane Eldredge, President, Knowledge Track Programs. Edmonton, Alberta                                                                



All information is private and confidential.

Consultations may be CD or Tape recorded for you.



1. Breath of Fresh Air Reading

This week someone asked me what I see for the near future. There will be scattered pockets of joy and fear, abundance and poverty. This is the very real time of creating our own experiences based on staying conscious and open.

 A dear friend's husband was just laid off. She said Wahoo!  A vacation!!!  Now THAT is attitude! It will bring another excellent job soon.

Recently I had a conversation about a mutual friend. Just by talking about things, I could see a custody battle and lawsuit coming up, an increase in income and many other surprises. Months later it all turned out to be true and our mutual friend now wishes he'd had a conversation with me too. Why?  Because he wished he'd been prepared for what was coming.

The most personal information comes when you and I have just such a conversation. Mental pictures freely download into my consciousness with insights into the twists and turns of events to come.  Nuances are shown to me in visions and metaphoric images.

Our own minds play hide and seek with information we are too afraid to look at.  Not that it will be bad, we're just afraid so we hide from knowing.

With me, you'll get a reading from someone who is not afraid to look and who receives insights that help get you unstuck and prepared.

It's like opening a window for fresh air. This new year and these amazing times of change are exciting. 

Schedule your breath of fresh air and we'll have a cup of tea too. We can talk over the phone or in my office or in a city near you. Fresh air is very healing.

I look forward to our heart to heart conversation with insights.

COST: $100 per hour;  $60 per half hour

2. Initial Intuitive Sessions:  Business or Personal

You bring questions, passion and a focus.  This is the beginning of seeing yourself as unlimited, unlocking your fears and seeing your own power to unlock answers.  This is a dynamic personal growth experience.  Real questions, real answers, real keys to empowering your consciousness.  These psychic readings, whether phone consultations or office visits are always voice recorded. If by phone, it is mailed to you after the session. If recorded through internet, they are emailed to you so you can download to a CD or playback on your computer.

COST: $100 per hour;  $60 per half hour; $3 per minute, ($45 minute minimum)


3. In-Depth Introspective for Life Change

These intensive sessions are up to 5 hours long and are done in person. In these sessions Dolly creates a judgment free and unconditionally loving space for you to safely explore stuckness in your life.  She will take you on an intellectual and emotional journey into your own consciousness showing you your hidden power and how to unlock it. She offers amazing new perspective for your consideration. You will receive real insights and tools for change so that you can create the reality you prefer. These journeys are life-changing experiences. When you are ready to make real changes, you will know when the time is right for you.

 COST: $100 per hour


4. Past Life Regressions

A past life regression is a way of accessing material that seems to come from previous or future lifetimes.  You will be relaxed into a hypnotic state. You will be guided to travel through time to experience other lives. With the help of a facilitator you will discover the roots of skills, relationships, problems, or blocks.

The most valuable aspect of this work is to access the  subconscious and by your intention and instructions, to have IT heal you physically and emotionally and spiritually.  This is a very powerful experience.

            Regressions vs. talking therapies   Regressions fast forward through experiences AND their emotions. Talking therapies take much longer. The emotions are what transform, not just the facts. Emotions break through bindings.

            How long does it take?

About 90 minutes in trance, but allow a total of 3 hours for before and after discussions.


More in-depth information on regressions


    COST:  $100 per hour


   5.   Medical Intuitive Readings


      If you are working with health concerns or  wonder about the

      state of your health; these psychic readings may unlock  

      hidden areas for you to look into.

      COST:  $100 per hour



6. Spiritual Medium

Connect with lost loved ones who have crossed over.


COST: $100 per hour



7. Email Questions


You email either One or Three questions and receive your psychic reading by reply email.


COST: One question: $45;  Three questions: $95


8. Name Reading


This is an extensive printout sent by email based on my book. It uses a specially written program that delivers a text file to you. This is $20.  If you wish a personalized interpretation by phone or in writing, the fee is $35.


             Scheduling a Session

       If you wish to schedule a consultation, please

       contact her by e-mail or phone 206.992.2074


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