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Sacred Lotus Press

Sacred Lotus Press

Where we hold your written word as Sacred



Sacred Lotus Press is owned by an author, Dolly Mae.



This is a small publishing company that takes the mumbo jumbo out of getting your book published.







There are so many pitfalls in the publishing business.  I fell into all of them with my first book.  The publishing business is so much about ego. the ego of seeing your name in print and birthing a book. Many publishers just flat out take advantage of this desire. Publishing your book is a noble and sacred goal; hence our name, Sacred Lotus Press. 


Sacred Lotus Press is about helping you walk through the land mine of information and services available to get your book out there with the least amount of cost and the most amount of reality.  I've done the research and have the firsthand experience so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.



We do an initial consultation to find out what your goals are.  Some authors only want a few books for friends.  Some don't want to market.  Others will take it 'on the road' and sell through lectures. By determining what you really want, we'll know how to proceed.


With my own book, I did lots of mainline radio and TV.  We'll talk about the real story behind all that.






1. Honesty. Clarity. Options. Creativity.


2. A clear pathway to getting your book in print.


3. We provide you with referrals to the three types of editors, cover designers, book formatters, printers, marketers and distributors. Most of these people are metaphysically oriented.  You'll love them.


4. An ISBN number you'll need to be a real book.


5. Let us help you unfold your own Lotus Flower in your printed words.


         Lotus Flower





1. We do not do marketing. That means you'll have to do it yourself (we'll show you how) or you can hire a company to do it.  If you hire a PR company, plan on between $1,200-$15,000 per month in costs. Yes, that’s per month! We do NOT recommend it!  Better to get a friend to help in some cases.  Again, it all depends on your goals.


2.  We do not do fulfillment. That means we do not mail out an order to your buyer.  You can do it. It's easy.  If you don't have time, you can hire it done.  We'll show you how.




Initial Consultation fee is $175.  This gives you all the contacts and helps you clarify your needs and goals and recommends options tailored for you.  Authors rarely need much more than this; but if you do, the rate is $125 per hour; $60 per half hour or $3 a minute, whichever suits your needs.



Dolly Mae at 206.992.2074

Email  dolly@dollymae.com

We are located in Mukilteo, WA, that’s 15 miles North of Seattle, WA.




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