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Favorite Links

There is so much info on these sites.  If you studied, listened, read, you’d get a REAL education in all things metaphysical: ET’s, Love, Allowance, Magnetics, Gaia (the Earth), Science, Ascension, etc.  These are real teachers!  Always use discernment. If something doesn’t ring true, put it aside. Work with what resonates. Some, like the Law of One are for intense study and learning.\'oponopono_cleaning_meditation.htm

 Ho\'oponopono is the way of easy release and forgiveness.  Excellent site! with David Wilcock, Researcher, speaker, author. He tells all without creating fear. He is a shameless self promoter, so don’t be turned off.  There are lots of articles and free books in his archives... very good stuff. Here is the link to a long video of his... Just watch a bit and see if you get hooked! Part I:
Lots of youtube interviews of him too.
Corey Goode.   A trained intuitive empathy, this whistleblower from the Secret Space Program is disclosing mind blowing information. Lots of info on this blog, (but not a good search engine on it), so click thru the pages at the bottom of the blog. You’ll be glad cuz the info is amazing. Here is his channel on youtube
The FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page is brilliant. It lists the newest questions first. Start with #1 at the bottom… very well done
SITSSHOW blog (Stillness in the Storm)  This blogger uses excellent discernment. No fear porn like so many other sites. A balanced load of info. Good search ability. Excellent blog. This website is chock full of stuff.  It is the original channelings that David Wilcock began studying with.  Channeled by Carla Reucker 35 yrs ago. She just died in 2015. She has her own website ( has lots of good stuff on it.  Huge amt of free info.  It’s a bit difficult to read but once you get the hang of it it’s fascinating.  Here’s her recent, 2010, channeling of Quo, an entity.  choose one and read.. all are good.
 Kryon, a wonderful channel.. Has many books out.  Superb. . You might want to read his Japan earthquake link to get a feel for what he’s like:
His free audio links of his seminar talks are fabulous. Many years worth. Start with the most recent and work backwards.. fabulous education here. I have many notes from these talks that I write down as I listen. Sort of the essence of them. Fabulous, love this guys channeling work. One of the few real ones.  
 Natalie Glasson, channel. Her weekly messages, a link on her site, are often awesome. All loving and never fear based.  this is Abraham, channeled by Hicks.  This is the original Law of Attraction info that has become so distorted by others. Huge website... wander, watch, listen, read, enjoy.  But go on Youtube and WATCH her channel... anything... all superb.  You get to see and feel unconditional love in action.   This is a plethora of wonderfully prescreened info.. HUGE resource of data and channelers that give loving info NOT fear! Thru this site I’ve found some good people like Natalie Glasson.  This is Mary Margaret Moore channeling Bartholomew... Wonderful, loving channeling. She no longer channels as her ‘contract’ is up, but her books and info stand alone beautifully.
Matthew’s Messages This one I receive monthly also for free.  Excellent, loving, not fear based. Read the story behind it all.  Wow.  Kauilapele’s blog is wonderful. He also prescreens his posts to prevent fear based info called “fear porn”.  This is pay per month on line. There is a free ‘try it’ offer; then it’s about $10 a month. Some very good stuff here.
Tom Campbell’s ‘My Big TOE’ (theory of Everything).
A fabulous physicist that makes everything simple.. totally fascinating to listen to. Part 1.
Inner Earth and what it’s like in daily living Truly fascinating.  Pt 1

Portable copper pyramids for meditation and healing. Giza and Nubian.
Choose Inner Fire Pyramids for copper meditation pyramids. I have one of these and love it. Instead of 20 minutes of meditation to clear a headache, it only took 5 minutes under the pyramid. Others report long term joint pain was gone and much more. The energy surounding this pyramid (I have the 61" Giza) is HUGE, extending in a sphere around it and into the neighborhood. Everybody benefits.      Fabulous Natural Healing info. This is my \'go to\' site for every health issue imaginable. Excellent feedback from real people and a superb natural Dr located outside of the US and not part of the controlled AMA.

The Genesis Foundation Our new goals are authentic power - the alignment of the personality with the soul -- and a planet without conflict.

Spiritual Life Coach,Italy

Healing with electronics

Astrology, Homeopathy, Gem and Flower Essences

Mediumship, grief healing, psychic awareness, spiritual growth

Dying of the old age birth of the new age

Anchoring the Light of The Great Central Sun. Dedicated to the evolution and transition of mankind and the planet.

An uplifting tour of fun, information and joy, constantly updated.

Learn about the beneficial effects of color charged crystals on the human body, absorbed through the body\'s energy centers.

Angelic symbols and jewelry for healing and beauty. 

Christine Dreher, CCN (nutritionist), CCH (herbalist), author of "The Cleanse Cookbook" and President of Christine\'s Cleanse Corner Inc. provides high-quality herbal cleanse and whole-food nutritional products nutritional information, books and health consultations for a healthier YOU!

For inspirational and informative reading on spiritual and psychic subjects.

Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth? by Robert Schwartz  The book presents the actual conversations people had with their future loved ones when together they plan

This is a monthly meetup in the Mukilteo/Everett/Lynnwood, WA area. We talk about all things metaphysical, new age, planet Earth, ETs, etc.!

 Lots of great articles and up to date info here. Indigo kids.  Steps along the journey


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