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This is a method to access experiences and information that seems to come from another time. In a light trance state, like meditation, a facilitator assists the client to ‘regress’ or travel backwards or sometimes forward through time to former or future incarnations. Many people are unaware that one can access future lives in this process.


Relaxation and trust are key ingredients in a successful regression. The facilitator first talks the client through suggestion, much like a meditation, into a very relaxed state. Then the facilitator gives a visual suggestion of a hallway along which doorways offer choices for past life experiences.  Sometimes it is in a garden where people come to you, and sometimes the experiences occur when you step off a stairway you have climbed through visual suggestion. Personally, I use a clothes closet (Go ahead and laugh!!!) with its endless variety of options.


The facilitator must not lead you too much, not direct you to find or see an event or person.  They must assist in allowing it all to unfold from your subconscious.  I am constantly surprised by the astounding creativity in each client’s mind.  One can never guess ahead what will be recalled.  Recently when I asked a client to describe an experience she was having meeting a meditating man, she informed me that she felt over ten feet tall and could see her own aura clearly and in fact began describing it.

The Client is always in control. The entire experience is very empowering and nothing is ever done without the client’s full conscious and subconscious cooperation.


Experiencing a regression is much the same as visualizing brushing your teeth this morning… seeing yourself picking up your toothbrush, squeezing the toothpaste out and sense the smell, taste and feel of the experience.  It unfolds much the same way during the regression.  You get involved with the memory.  The more relaxed you are, the more connected with the subconscious recall and the more details you will have.  One lady recently recalled her complete address and name in a life in the late 19th Century.


It may seem very beneficial to the client to bring a friend along to a session but actually the client may find it harder to achieve emotional freedom with the friend there.  In a session we reach deep emotional issues that close personal friends very often inhibit, so the client resists letting go and   fully embracing the experience. The client will soon begin to feel safe and comfortable with the therapist during the initial interview portion of the session. For these reasons, it is unadvisable to bring a friend.


Past life regression therapy accomplishes many goals.  First of course is getting an up close and personal view of what makes us tick as regards where we came from.  It is very entertaining and fascinating to learn who we have been and how it affects us in this current life. 

Next, and more importantly, we can discover the roots of talents, likes and dislikes, relationships, issues and blocks in former lives that affect us now.

Even more important are the emotional breakthroughs achieved during this work.  Because information comes directly from the client’s subconscious and is re-experienced rather than simply talked about, it has tremendous emotional impact.  This enables the client to achieve forward leaps in personal growth and through blockages. This is much faster than therapies that are conversational and involve just talking.

The most important can be the health issues breakthroughs.


One client feared relationships because her first love was killed driving in her stead in a car accident where she would normally have been at the wheel. She thought she was jinxed.  The regression showed her she had saved his life in a former Egyptian lifetime and he was so grateful that he was repaying a debt he felt he owed in saving hers.  He had come back into her life this lifetime to accomplish that. Knowing this through her regression, connecting with memory and the feeling of it, freed her mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  She could get on with her life.


Another client was freed from intense migraines when she connected with her life as an aristocrat in France who was guillotined ‘poorly’, that is, with a dull guillotine.  She was able to let go of the bad job of it and put a reason to it all.   We are truly amazing in that we carry these emotional and physical scars from lifetime to lifetime.  Putting a reason and explanation to them can help sever our connections from unwanted ties. Story lines, coupled with their emotional impact, experienced in a regression, are incredibly powerful transformational tools.


I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘old soul’.  Well, frankly, there is no such thing as all souls were created at once.  There are however, those souls who have had many more earth bound incarnations than others.  They seem more familiar with emotions and body connections. These are the ones we seem to call old souls.  We do have incarnations in other places that earth!  If we do our spiritual work, we may appear to be an ‘old soul’. 

So how many lifetimes does a person have?  There are as many answers as there are people.  Christ seems to have had seven lives.  The master I studied with had over 600.  We come back by choice, not by punishment.  Earth is a very attractive amusement park, although some will disagree and refer to it as an ‘abusement’ park.  We choose.


One type is the Steven Spielberg epic with surround sound and special EFX. Taste, touch, feel and senses all on line with vivid imagery.  Sometimes you are an observer.  Sometimes you are an actor. Not everyone has this type of experience, perhaps 50-60%, so don’t set your expectations to this height. It is not necessary to have this type of regression to get the benefits from a regression.

The most common experience involves Emotions and Imagery. Strong emotions and a few images can be quite impressive and life changing.  Sometimes clients try to explain it all away by saying they saw that on TV, or read it in a book, but that is just a form of denial.  We see or read things because we have some level of connection with them.  When we’re working on learning more about ourselves, we are able to intuitively watch the TV show or read the book that will assist us in our journey.

Another common experience is simply knowing, sometimes with factual data included.  This has no drama, no deep emotions.  It is simply knowing.  You get it; you understand from a different level.  Just as your dreams come from the subconscious, so too does this knowing. If you were to analyze your dreams, you would arrive at similar knowings.  In fact it is extremely beneficial to journal, discuss and work with dreams after a regression. (see article on Dreams)  It will allow you to enhance the experience and to more deeply connect and benefit from it.



Often the client feels like they are just making up most if not all of the session. This is a normal feeling. It is however the free flowing experience from the client that can be gone over later and the truth will be distilled and sifted out. It is after the session that the client becomes aware they were truly in an altered state.  They discover this when they feel ‘spacey’ and ungrounded. Then as you begin to discuss the session, oftentimes they are stunned that they don’t remember having said those things, or relating those experiences.  This is why I always tape these sessions. Later, the client can review her own comments and feel back into the experience. 




A typical session takes approximately two to three hours including discussions before and after.




All in all, past life regressions are fun and informative.  At the very least, they are entertaining.  They satisfy our curiosity about our selves.  At their very best, they are dynamic Break-throughs past emotional strangleholds from our subconscious selves.


Happy Journeying!


For further information or to schedule a session call 206.992.2074 or email dolly@dollymae.com

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