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If you want Health, Love, Joy and abundance, here’s how.  It’s really simple…. Really!


This is the next best thing to Instant Manifesting!!

It only takes 17 seconds to shift your Auric field.  So why is that important you ask?  Because your auric field is the electromagnetic YOU!  You are energy in motion, appearing as solid.  We already know as quantum physics teaches us that there is more ‘space’ inside us than solidity. We’re just vibrating in a way that we appear solid. That vibration energy is magnetic, just like any other magnet.  The only difference is that instead of spoons and metal objects sticking to us, emotions stick to us.  Those emotions are what magnetize situations, experiences and opportunities to us. Thus we magnetize whatever is in our auric field emotionally. Ok, in English, please!


The simple steps


1. What you think PLUS what you feel creates your aura. 

Witness:  pregnant women glow.  Lovers exude love and joy.


2. What you think AND feel for more than 17 seconds shifts your aura. 

Witness: Depression begets depression.  Depressing thoughts of: events, emotional experiences like rejection, anger, low self worth and hate, and especially self loathing are a viscous cycle that begets more of same… Because we give such huge energy to feeling these self damaging feelings, guided by our thoughts… we wound ourselves over and over.  We increase our depression.  But we can change all this.


Likewise, Witness: Lovers and happy people create loving and happy situations, experiences and emotions that keep happiness and love in their field of experience… That is the energy they are vibrating. 


Both instances are sort of unconscious… the mind running amok… unconcontrolled, unfocused. 


3.  What can you do about it?


Pay attention!  The key is in simply being aware of what you are thinking and feeling.  Paying attention is actually the first secret of manifesting… Just pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.  Now don’t drive yourself nuts about this… It will seem odd at first but train yourself to be aware of YOU.




Every 20 minutes, if you want to create real change… be aware of what you’re thinking and feeling.  Decide if what you are thinking/ feeling is ok for you.  If not, DO NOT JUDGE yourself for it.


Simply choose a new feeling you’d like to have.


My four choices are Love, Joy, Abundance and Health. So if you want to feel Health, think about when you’ve felt healthy.  This is why we have a mind… to do our bidding.  Not to go off willy-nilly creating and focusing on unhappy thoughts; but to respond to our real desires.  So think of when you just jump-roped as a kid and it felt so good. Think of running a race and feeling your heart pump and the warmth as your blood pumped through your body.  Think of doing that great walk through the primeval woods and the fresh air filling your lungs.  Ok, enough thought… now, FEEEEEEEL it!  This is the key… This is what causes the great Health feeling and thus makes it happen in your real world. Just think it and feel it.  If you stay in that exhilarating healthy feeling for 17 seconds you shift your auric field. 


The more you stay in that feeling, past the 17 seconds, (keep bring up more healthy thoughts to inspire you) the more your auric field will become magnetic to health.  You will actually bring situations to you that will help create health. Don’t try to figure out what situations.. the universe will assist you because you are now in control… your will, your consciousness, your emotions are now in alignment and your order goes straight to the Universe… BRING HEALTH!  Health is my choice… Health is my focus.  Health is my desire.  Your joy, if you choose to accept this mission, is simply to feel and focus on health.  The universe will do the rest.  Remember your thoughts about illness, your health ‘issues’, your fears, all interfere with this focus.  Just bring your focus back to healthy thoughts and feeling. Train your mind to shift per your bidding.  You are in control really.


The same is true with Love, Joy and Abundance.  Use your mind to bring up memories, dreams, instances, possibilities of times you have, might or could feel these feelings.  Then FEEEEEEL them!  (That’s the SECRET!  Pay attention.  Use thought to direct your choices into preferences.  FEEEEL them.)


That’s all.  That’s it.  It’s not hard.  It’s just a matter of exercise (I know, I don’t like that word either), perhaps discipline, maybe play, maybe self love.  Whatever you need to do to trick your mind to get yourself magnetic and begin creating the world you really want.


This is the Law of Attraction. What we focus on we get more of.  The choice is yours. The ability to focus is yours.  You are a powerful being.  Look around you and see what your life is like… you are creating it with an undisciplined mind.  Take control… give that amazing mind a new direction and focus.


Your life will thank you.



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