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We want a good reading and that means different things to different people.


Are we seeking proof, or shock value, mystery, clarity, insight, lotto numbers or the address of our next lover???  Expectations in a reading are fine if we are realistic.  What a psychic really does is to send their awareness out into the possible futures and see which one appears strongest in that moment.  However, these possibilities are often viewed through the veil of the psychic’s own fears.


There is a Law of Physics that says “A thing by observation is changed”.  So by the very fact you look at possible futures, you are changing them. 


Don’t give your power away to the psychic, thinking they know all. If you do, you will simply align with their version of your future and make that happen. You are much more powerful than you believe! Claim your power.


Acknowledge a particular outcome is possible if you don’t change things. Learn the tools that will help you create the reality you prefer.  No ‘prediction’ is written in stone. 


You choose to be either a victim of change or not. Information in a reading should empower you, not create fear. 


Get referrals from friends about psychics.  Best of all use your gut instinct to determine if this is the reader for you. Your first brain is in your gut acknowledging your real feelings. Listen to it by allowing those feelings to surface and interpreting them.  Practice will bring you to your own clarity.


Each reader has different gifts and has good and bad days too! Feel into it… as you pass their table in a fair or pick up their brochure. What do you feel?  Acknowledge and trust that feeling. Sometimes it feels like you connect deeply.  Sometimes it feels like you want to put the flyer down and pass by quickly.  Trust yourself.


You’ll not only get a good psychic but your own intuition will develop too!

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For further information or to schedule a session call 877.246.9569 or email dolly@dollymae.com

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