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Energy Labels


There are many ways of being happy. Truly the only choices we have in life are how we choose to respond to our environment.  We can choose reactions for example with energy labels of anger, resentment, embarrassment, love and joy. Any emotion you can think of is a possible choice. We can blame others for making us feeling one way or another, but this is really just a result of our unconscious reaction patterns.  To choose joy we must become conscious and make a conscious decision. We become conscious by paying attention to our emotions and thoughts. When we pay attention we can recognize the energy and give it a name. Giving it a name, lets us stand a tad separate from it and gives us that split second to become conscious and decide how we wish to react.   Here is one way of being able to make a healthy response choice more easily. 


Tear the Label Off the Energy


People teach about how to protect from psychic attack. Psychic attack requires a sender and a receiver.  If you are the receiver of such energy, simply tear the label off it.  Stop calling it ‘attack’.  It is just raw energy.  Energy cannot be destroyed, simply changed.  Best of all, it can be changed just by your intention!  Use the energy and change it to Love.  Put your new label on it. Surround yourself and the sender with that Love. That is the truest ‘defense’. Be love, send it, feel it, acknowledge it, allow it and reflect it. 


What You Send Out

If you send hate, anger or revenge back, you will indeed get more of same. You have engaged (received) the fear and forgotten to change the label on the raw energy.  If you believe that lighting candles, or doing a ritual, or blessing oneself works, then to the extent you play in that defense arena, you are already attacked.  Simply surround yourself with love and BE it, send it, feel it. Love is the true nature of the Self.


A wonderful lesson in A Course in Miracles  says "Your attack thoughts attack your invulnerability."  Very wise indeed.  We are truly invulnerable.  It is our fears that undermine us. They attach to that raw energy labeled attack.   Our deep internalized fears rise up to invalidate our natural state of love.  We can recognize our fears and love them. Re-label the energy to Love. It’s just like electricity, not good, not bad, but it’s how we apply that energy that helps or hurts.



We decide

No doubt there can be perceived attacks. It is up to us to decide to tear the label off and use the energy to help not hurt. We have the power to transmute such energy simply by intention. Engage love and overcome fear.  Joy is always an option. So is Love. Try choosing them.




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