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Life is Like Playing Hearts


The card game, Hearts, is simple and fun.  Today’s computers come preloaded with it.  It occurred to me life was just like Hearts.  I held a hand of all low cards, wasn’t possible to strategize to shoot the moon or even avoid taking a trick.  Just boring, low cards.


Life is sometimes like that, nothing to do, just biding your time, waiting until the next exciting thing comes along. Sometimes you get stuck with the Queen of spades… big and ugly, as I call her. You just can’t avoid it.  No one in the game is trying to stick it to you.


Players, especially on a computer, are all just playing to achieve the best for themselves!  Players aren’t doing anything to you.  You‘re not a victim because you got stuck with Big and Ugly. You didn’t do anything wrong either. It’s just the way the cards fell.


The Abraham teachings and “The Secret” movie say we create everything that happens to us and I quite agree.  So we ask how did we create getting stuck with the Queen time after time, unable to escape?  We created the WHOLE game.  We wanted to play and part of signing up for that game (AKA life) is to experience all the parts of it including getting stuck and shooting the moon three times in a row. No one is sticking it to you.  No one is making you a victim.  This is a game. 


Times are tough for many right now and it doesn’t feel like a game.  To remember it is still a game and in the next hand you might shoot the moon and that is your real job.  Everything is what we signed up for.  Our part in this game is to decide who and what we want to be in relationship to what cards are in our hand.


It’s just a game you started. Play!


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