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Truth is not stable. Consideration of truth automatically enters one into the field of opposites.  Where there is truth, there must be falseness. God exists in the field of the absolute where All is One and All is Now and no duality exists. Thus God does not deal with truth.


Truth is not an absolute.  What is true for one person may not be true for another.  Truth is a perspective, a point of view, existing in the field of time and space.  Therefore, what may appear as truth is a function of place and time.  For example, beauty in Nigeria may be defined by the number of brass circlets around one’s neck; while in New Zealand, it may be defined by facial tattoos and tooth sharpening.  Neither one is considered beautiful in France in the 1900’s, but may have been considered beautiful in France in Neanderthal times. 


If one insists the teacup between them has a handle on the left, the other will insist it is on the right.  Truth is defined by perspective. 


Have you ever chatted with your siblings only to learn memories of a particular incident are remembered completely differently by each sibling?  Each one swears an event occurred in such and such a manner. Who is right?  Each of us remembers according to our mental and emotional perspectives at the time of the experience.  In addition, we have rescripted the scenario in our minds as we’ve replayed the event through the field of time.


Remember the old game ‘Telephone’ where one person whispers something to the next in line and so forth down the line to the last person.  After only ten people, the original whispered line has become distorted, based on misunderstandings, reinterpretation, desire to shorten it up and any other number of reasons. So too our own memories rewrite past scenes, editing, cutting and refocusing.


Truth is therefore subjective and thus not an absolute. Absolutes are for all beings in all time and space. What is its benefit then? It is to acknowledge that perspectives differ. It is to remind us how to end conflicts by simply aligning with others’ perspective and seeing through their eyes.


In truth, we are all One. This is an absolute.


There is much joy to be found in such awareness.  Next time you find yourself in conflict, debate or argument, shift your debate to defending another person’s position.  You will discover a wealth of ‘truth’.


Joy is always an option!


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