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Reinventing yourself


I used to say “I’ve had at least 10 different lives in this one.”  But people didn’t understand what I meant.  Now I’m beginning to say “I’ve reinvented myself at least 10 times so far.” 


We have opportunities to reinvent who we are many times during our lives.  When we graduate from school, change jobs, careers and relationships, give birth or learn a huge life lesson, these are our rebirths.  The aborigines acknowledge these times of reinventing themselves by having a naming ceremony whereby they rename themselves.  You see, it isn’t egotistic to acknowledge that you have talent and to say so.  They do not ‘humbly’ wait for someone else to acknowledge they have accomplished something.  Their own internal guidance finally acknowledges themselves and they make it public.  This is so healthy to realize your worth.  The group, family or friends, celebrates this conscious awareness of the achievement.  The individual takes a new name such as “Dream Interpreter” or “Provider of Food” or “Healer of Bones”.


We often say “I’m no good at such and such.” or “I never can do something or other”.  If we can publicly put ourselves down, (which is unhealthy), we must also give ourselves permission to say something complimentary too. We’ve been taught it is bragging to say something good about self.  Is it?  If we are honest, simple and straightforward in our acknowledgement, then this is healthy behavior.   Overblown bragging and attention seeking behavior are not healthy or acceptable in a balanced adult. 


So when you reinvent yourself, acknowledge your new skill and your achievements. Have a party to say “I’ve done it!!”  A happiness party, a success party, joy… these are grand reasons to celebrate you!  You don’t have to have a promotion or get a degree, or a wedding to celebrate you.  No one has to acknowledge it from outside of you… YOU need to claim your own power and acknowledge that internal gift you have nurtured and now own.  So have a party for the new you.  Celebrate your life’s new and creative steps.  Take a new ‘title’ like “Person of Joy”, “Raiser of Children”, “Healer of Hurts”, “Lover of Life”, “Person of Wisdom”.


You’re worth it.  Celebrate your personal Reinvention!



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