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Dream images and how to interpret them.




If you want to learn more about yourself, learn how to remember and interpret your dreams. We are on an eternal quest to unlock the mysteries of why we’re here and why things happen in our lives.  All night long we have access to these answers in picture images from the depth of our inner beings.  From our highest selves, in that altered state, called Dreams, we learn the secrets to self-awareness.  The trick is learning the codes to interpreting them when we re-cross the ‘slumberline’ and wake up.  This trick isn’t magic.  It can be learned.



This is only half the trick, and it’s easy.  You simply program yourself to remember your dreams and to wake up and write down the important bits. This is done by giving yourself the suggestion, just before you go to sleep,  to awaken and to remember.  No need to wake up fully, just that half sleep, like when you wake up to go to the bathroom.  Awake, but just to function minimally.  Keep a pad of paper and pen at your bedside.  No need to turn on the light, just begin writing.  I end up with lots of ink on my thumb, which I use as a writing guide.  It may be a little difficult to read in the morning, but well worth the effort.  The images you write will trigger your mind to fill in the blanks.



With rare exceptions we all dream.  Some people swear they never do.  Either they have not trained themselves to remember  their altered state or they are working at such high levels on the astral side, they cannot retain the vibration of the information when crossing back into waking.  Once they believe they can, they do.



Waking hours are filled with about 40,000 images vying for attention from our minds.  The mind goes in to overload, not sorting out the most essential, unless we are paying focused attention and know what to look for.  The sleeping mind, the altered state, is freed to single out images for our attention.  Our subconscious knows what is really important to us and brings forth images for our easiest understanding.  Sometimes it’s in the form of a pun or idiom.  For example, I’m reminded of a lady’s dream that every time she went to the bathroom, she peed pennies, nickels, quarters, etc.  She was going through the “change of life”!!!!  We are punsters at heart!!!  There’s a reason she wasn’t seeing dollars or twenties… loose coins are well…. change!  Learning how to interpret your dreams will show you what is going on in your waking life…. The underlying issues and how to deal with them.  Why they are happening and what they mean.  The dream will communicate in pictures, words and sounds so we can best understand.  Dreams are for clarity, not fear.



There are four basic types of dreams.

1. Garbage dreams. These images are related to what we saw, read, ate, and heard before we went to bed. They may even deal with occurrences during sleep:  too hot, too cold, having to go to the bathroom, hunger or thirst. They are just processing the junk in our minds, filtering through things and dispensing with them before getting to the important things.

2. Nightmares.  We all have scary dreams.  These are our fears showing up to explain them, deal with them and get past the issues.  They can be tricky to deal with because they are fearful.  If however, you learn to face the pursuer in chase dreams or the scary issue or person in the scenario, you will have faced down the personal fear and it will usually disappear or be greatly reduced in your waking life.  For children with nightmares, simply tell them to call on their hero/heroines to enter their dream and assist them.  They will.  We are unlimited beings. Children are still connected to the world of make believe. If they believe they can, they do.  If adults use this talent of believing, they too can control their dreams.

3. Prognosticating.  These are dream that foretell the future and some people have them quite often.  Others have them only rarely.  Usually these are so emotionally impacting that people can recall them.  Some only believe they have these kinds of dreams because they come true and then they are scared to death by them. 


People like to be scared of their own power.  It keeps them stuck and fearful…. A game we humans play far too often.  The reason people remember dreams that come true about plane crashes, car accidents, fires, earthquakes, and crashing buildings is because these are such emotionally impacting events, the dreamer awakens and brings back the memory across the slumberline, the awake/sleep line, and feels  emotionally moved by it.  When the foretold event actually happens, they are even more fearful. 


One lady had six separate dreams of children dying in her neighborhood.  She thought she caused the deaths.  She feared sleep and was in terror every night.  So what was really going on?  She had the talent of connecting with souls ready to depart earth and take the next step.  Like a gate keeper waving good bye, holding the gate open for them.  She was not the cause, but a comfort for each of them.  This was part of her contract here on earth, to help souls cross over.  Because each situation was so emotionally draining and impacting, her physical self leapt into fear, forgetting her spiritual contract.  Fear is only one choice. Once she understood, she was able to learn how to work with this ability.


4.  Workout dreams.  These are the dreams that show us what is going on in our daily lives.  Our subconscious chooses symbols we can understand and creates a focus so we can really get it.  This is the standard kind of dream.  The ones we dream three to five times a night.  So you could conceivably remember 3-5 dreams every night.  If you woke up and wrote down each dream, you would soon work through major life issues, a little each night.  You are your own best psychotherapist… you and two or three good dream books.


Recurring dreams fall into this category too.  There’s a reason you have the same dream over and over.  Usually it is your subconscious telling you the same lesson, situation or issue is here again, replaying it so you can look again and work to resolve it.



Most dream books out there are fear based.  The best are spiritually based, because that’s what our dreams are:  messages from our spiritual selves.  Think about it.  The physical body is asleep.  Our highest selves, our subconscious in an altered state, gets free to connect with us and the other dimensions of us (our super conscious) that operate on levels we can more easily contact in our dream states.  Some times we are so far out there in our super conscious wanderings at night in our altered state, that we cannot pull back the information.  Often we are attending master classes or even teaching those classes during the slumber time.  Remember those mornings when you wake up more tired than when you went to sleep?  Well, you were working all night…. Helping others, teaching others, comforting others, learning.  


I recommend two particular dream books:  “Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams” by Wilda Tanner; and “The Dream Book” by Betty Bethard.  You really need at least two books to corner a concept… that is, to get broad and varying perspectives on a dream image so its pertinent meaning in your dream clicks with you and you know that’s what it means for you.



The best way to pick a dream book is to look up the definition for snake or serpent.  If there is any text about someone to be afraid of or a backbiting person, throw the book out.  Snake or serpent is an ancient symbol for wisdom and for the most profound spiritual energy, Kundalini, as it moves up the spine and through the body.  That is its real meaning.  Yes, you might be in fear of the snake in your dream. This is because of teachings and again, because it is one mighty powerful energy and we love to be afraid of our real power.  Once you align with and understand the life force energy, you will understand that snake dreams are fabulous and represent your spiritual enlightenment.




CARS, BUSES, TRAINS.  (Anything we drive on land.) These represent our physical lives, jobs, money, life situation and who’s in control, that is, whoever is driving.

BOATS, SHIPS OR SWIMMING.  (Anything we do on water)  These represent our emotions in the waking situations we are working through.

PLANES (Anything about flying, even out of body). These represent our spiritual lives.

Each one is interpreted according to the condition, size, color and who is driving it (ourselves or another).  Each one is affected by the condition of the roadway, waterway, and air currents.  For example, think of the idioms: smooth sailing.  Rough waters. Rocky road. Bumper to bumper traffic. One track mind.  All these can be shown by picture metaphors.



This is the ‘house of you’.  Each room in a house represents an aspect of you.  For instance the bathroom is how you eliminate things from your life;  or issues around cleaning things up.  The kitchen is how you nurture yourself. Bedrooms represent either sex or rest. As I was learning about dreams and waking up metaphysically, I had all sorts of dreams about discovering secret passageways between floors in my ‘house’.  I realized this was the creating of those pathways (called antikaranah) that join the left and right brain so they work together.



Yes, we dream in color.  Each color adds to our understanding of a dream.  For example, Red meaning either anger or passion; Yellow meaning thought, intellect and solar light; Green meaning balance, grass and meadow qualities, Blue meaning communication, etc. 



We fear some of these things, but once we learn to understand them, there is nothing to fear.  Ok, I’ll deal with death.  People often see themselves or loved ones in a casket.  This represents an old aspect of their nature that is dying.  This often occurs when there is a retirement, a graduation or a child is leaving home to begin a new life on their own, or when puberty arrives which is the death of the innocent child and the birth of the sexually active aspect of life.  See, nothing to fear.



Dreams are here to assist us.  They are our subconscious speaking to us, personal, direct and focused.  You can use all the dream symbol interpretations in your daily life to better understand what is happening in your waking life.  The symbols are equally applicable to your everyday life as well as your dream life. Your subconscious is always trying to communicate with you.  Listen to it.  Look up what that hawk that flies in front of your car means.  Look up what a flat tire means next time it happens.  Get a feeling for it.  It is a message from your super self.


Sweet dreams.


For dream analysis consultations, please contact Dolly dolly@dollymae.com  or call 877-246-9569.

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