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Dolly Mae Short Bio

          I made money. I lost money.
          I did not know what psychic was. Now I am one.
          I traveled, taught and consulted; everywhere.
          I learned a few things on my journey to make me think outside the box.
          I started doing readings as a joke and learned that is the best training.
          I wrote a couple of books to offer new perspectives.
          I learned to do regressions so I could uncover my own issues.
In an accidental 4 hour intensive consultation one night people freed themselves of  paralyzing burdens; so I added it to my bag of tricks.
I learned to have a listening ear, to hold space and to meditate.
I embrace change, kicking and screaming.
My worthiest goal is to have every thought be loving.
I fail well and often.
I keep trying.
I love what I do.
I am happy.
Dolly Mae
Consciousness Consultant
Call or email me. We'll have a cup of tea and talk.
Things will be better. You'll see.
$60 a half hour; $120 an hour

Choosing Joy
Dolly Mae embarked upon her metaphysical odyssey after a $25 million loss sent her into bankruptcy. She had to find out why it happened. Her earnest search revealed her intuitive ability.

Click here to read a more detailed account of her journey.


As a motivational speaker, author and intuitive consultant, she delivers a message of joy and self-empowerment to people at a crossroads in life. Her lecture and seminar schedule takes her worldwide to Asia, Africa, Europe,South America, all across our wonderful neighbor Canada, and of course extensively in the US.


View her published articles or click on a book cover below to learn more about one of her informative books.


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Choosing Joy. It is always a choice!

Joy is always an option for you no matter what is happening.



                      IF YOU HAVE A NAME YOU NEED THIS BOOK*
                    *Nameology, the Art and Science of Understanding Names

Preview Book

Names are like fingerprints, each one revealing the gifts and challenges in your life.

Nameology reveals the secrets about you through the placement of the letters in the name you are called by. The sounds, the vowels, consonants and Three Levels of letter values determine the direction in which your life moves.

Learn how to create a baby’s name. Learn why you use a nickname. Learn about loved ones and what obstacles lie in their paths and how to avoid them. Learn how to best access the gifts and opportunities a name offers.

Use the easy worksheets to unlock the hidden mysteries in any name.

                                    If you have a name you need this book!!!!!



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