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If You Have a Name You Need This Book*
*Nameology, The Art and Science of Understanding Names



Nameology is the study of the secret meanings of names. The Tao Te Ching, the classic Chinese book of Integrity and The Way says:

As soon as one begins to divide things up,
there are names;
Once there are names,
one should also know when to stop;
Knowing when to stop,
one thereby avoids peril.

                             Tao Te Ching”, Translated by Victor H. Mair, NY, Bantam Books 1990

Names frame the essence of ones energy and personal power. By virtue of the particular letters and their placements in a name, limitation of that energy occurs. Hence names occur when we attribute individual qualities to a thing or to a person. But why?

Because of the configuration of letter shape and letter positions that create sound and vibration which has real affect upon us. For instance, when we hear discordant music, it grates on us and causes internal disturbance even moving us to anger, reactive behavior, fighting and irrational conduct. Likewise, soothing music is just that… soothing to the nervous system and calming to the spirit.

This is true of our names, the sounds by which we are called myriad times.  Over and over we hear these tones as soothing or discordant. Thus we embody these subtle vibrations until we are formed into an emotional pattern in our lives. Certainly there are many other factors in our environment that help form us, but a name is such a personal place of power.  We will definitely change it when it is jarring to our ears.

Although Nameology has a basis in Numerology, the study of numbers and takes an important leap beyond numbers in recognizing the unacknowledged value of Vowels, Consonants and the amazing importance of their placement in a name.

For instance, if you have an A on the end of your first name, it means you are empathic, whether you are male or female.

If your name begins with a vowel it means your approach to life is more from your feelings and can often feel vulnerable.

Depending on the number of vowels verses consonants and their placements in your name, it reveals how emotionally available you are; how much you can feel or how much drama you create.

There are names that consistently show you are psychic; names that show you play the role of a victim in your life and names showing you choose work as the focus of your life.

Names reveal your potential in business and your ability to organize and structure. They reveal what you are like in personal relationships.

What you name your baby is important.  This book shows how to figure out what that name means and how to thus construct a good name including the gifts you most want for yourself or a baby.

The challenges and gifts you will experience in your life are all revealed by your name. There are secrets in Double letters, Vowels and the Pivot letters in the middle of your name. They reveal so much about you.

Use this How-To book to unlock the secrets in your name.  All the tools and information are there to unlock the secret talents, hopes, fears, blessings and obstacles. Let the workbook pages guide you to self discovery.

Based on thousands of intuitive readings comes this intriguing work blending the intuitive arts with the science of the alphabet. 

If you have a name, you need this book!




In any moment you can choose Joy. It is always a choice!


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