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Our dreams are proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. Our dreams tell us what is going on in our waking world. Unraveling the meaning of dreams begins with knowing how to interpret the images and scenery we see at night. In one dream a client was driving the car on a back road and was forced to stop when the road disappeared under a half mile width of water. Afraid of the car’s rolling into the water and being drowned, the driver slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the car, waking up in great fear. The car’s condition (which was comfortable, clean and working) represents his life.   The road (which was a winding back road) represents the way his life was proceeding (interesting, not on fast forward like a freeway, twists and turns but always forward).  The fact he was the driver shows he was in control in his life, not someone else.  Water always represents emotion.  So emotion abruptly stopped him and caused great fear of being drowned (overwhelmed by feelings).  As his spiritual and personal growth progressed, this repetitive dream changed little by little, until one day he came upon this water over the road, simply got out of the car and put his toe in the water, realized the water was only one inch deep and he could easily and fearlessly drive through it.  He had conquered his feelings… Emotions no longer overwhelmed him. Repetitive, nightmare, foretelling, or mystical, our dreams speak to us from our subconscious. Learning more about our selves all night long is the whole point.  More about Dreams.




We want a good reading and that means different things to different people. Are we seeking proof, or shock value, mystery, clarity, insight, lotto numbers or the address of our next lover???  Expectations in a reading are fine if we are realistic.  What a psychic really does is to send their awareness out into the possible futures and see which one appears strongest in that moment.  But please remember, there is a physics principle that says “A thing by observation is changed”.  So by the very fact you are bringing a concept or possibility into your conscious awareness, you are changing it.  Now if you give your power away to the psychic, thinking they know all, you will simply align with that possible future and make it happen.  You can claim your own power and acknowledge that it is a possibility if you don’t change things and then learn the tools that will help you create the reality you prefer.  No ‘prediction’ is written in stone.  Karma is yours to either be a victim of, or to be aware of and create change in your world. Information in a reading should empower you, not create fear.  Get referrals from friends about psychics.  Best of all use your gut instinct to determine if this is the reader for you.  Each reader has different gifts and has good and bad days too! Feel into it… as you pass their table in a fair or pick up their flyer, what do you feel?  Acknowledge and trust that feeling. Sometimes it feels like it connects deeply with you.  Sometimes it feels like you want to pass by quickly or put the flyer down and not touch anything there.  Trust yourself.  You’ll not only get a good psychic but your own intuition will develop too!

More about  Psychic Consultations.



So you lived before…. Were you Cleo, Caesar, a slave, a King?  You can find out by learning about your past lives.  There are a couple ways to do this.  You can meditate and visualize a life. Often this happens when we create a focus on why something or someone is in our lives. For instance, why do you have headaches? (One client’s guillotine experience caused them!) Why do you feel abandoned in relationships?  Why are you allergic to cats?  A past life regression, conducted by an experienced regressionist, can help you unlock the answers to these mysteries. Usually there is an emotional trigger that is at the root of these issues.  By locating that trigger and releasing it we can free ourselves from having to deal with the everyday hassles produced by it. Almost everyone has had past lives. A few souls are new to the Earth experience, but have surely had lives in other places and dimensions.  Now that is fascinating to tap in to!!  We are so much more than we realize.  There are lots of layers to us… some of them not existing in this reality now.  So wouldn’t it be nice to access the rest of you and see more about you?  It is totally possible.  I often have clients at Expos, where full regressions are impractical, ask about past lives.  Then it is a matter of my accessing their past experiences and knowing what effects they had on this life. Meditate, have a reading or a full regression. Either way, learning about past lives is interesting, fun, revealing and healing.

More on Past Lives.

Schedule a Past Life Regressions.






The secrets to choosing joy are simple and easy to do.  Most people will not do them even though they are desperate to find happiness. Happiness is an inside job.  It comes from within. When you are in the middle of a non loving emotion:  anger, fear, hate, resentment, frustration or sorrow, you can use your mind to remember you have a choice.  So then, knowing you have a choice, what can you do?  One great answer is to Begin Appreciating Anything.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  It could be the fact that it’s not raining or that you have comfortable shoes on.  It could be that the vehicle you are in has a working heater, that your coat is warming you, or that you have a cup of tea to drink.  One thought of appreciation attracts another and that slim lifeline of the first appreciation thought becomes a firm and solid handhold shifting your perspective.  You didn’t move physically, yet you are shifted totally.  You stood in a place of anger or frustration and now you stand in a place of gratitude.  Everything in yo9ur perspective changes because you have changed from within.  It’s a little thing, but try it next time you’re in a long line at the checkout.  Try it anywhere, anytime.  You have the power within to create great change in your world.  Make joy an option





(Item #1 in Ten Secrets to Choosing Joy)


Get a nice little journal book. Use the first five minutes of every hour for this project. Sit down and begin writing a list of things that make you feel happy.  These could be things you might do, won’t do, have done or just dream about.  Write down any idea that makes you feel good. You might write about petting a puppy, walking barefoot in the grass or sailing around the world.  It’s so simple an idea that 95% of people just won’t do it.  They think they understand the concept so they think there’s no need to do it.  The real value is in being happy for five minutes an hour. How many minutes of each hour are you happy right now? Can you afford five minutes?  You could take a break… or keep the journal in the bathroom…. Or put the journal next to your coffee cup and write another idea when you take a sip.  This exercise is one of those amazingly small but powerful things that can change our lives.  Life changes most often occur in little tiny steps. What ever you give energy to you create more of.  So create more joy by giving five minutes an hour to focusing on it.  You’ll be amazed.  You can even repeat things on your list, because this is your list, and if something makes you happy once, why not repeat it.  Then whenever you feel unhappy, choose something on the list and go do it.  It will change your attitude and your life.  After all, isn’t life really about finding ways to be happy?  So go ahead, be a special one of only five in a hundred people who know a secret about how to get happy. Create a Joy List.




(Item #3 in Ten Secrets to Choosing Joy)


Anything you feel that is not love is fear based.  So when you’re standing in a space of anger, frustration or self hate, how can you shift away from that fear that drove you there?  First of all you need to recognize the feeling, that’s simple… just ask yourself “What am I feeling?”  Then you get to choose between wanting to stay in the feeling because somehow there’s a payoff for being there.  For instance when we’re angry, others might have to walk on eggshells around us til we’re no longer angry because they fear our outbursts.  That gives us control.  So lets say you decide you’re done being angry, how do you get yourself to really shift?  Here’s a simple solution:  Begin Appreciating Anything.  Start with yourself, your thoughts, your environment and it will take off on its own from there. The first appreciation thought/feeling is like a tenuous thread.  The more thoughts/feelings of appreciation follow and pretty soon you’re standing in a space of appreciation.  You never even had to physically move and Voila! Everything’s changed. It’s all about choice.  You have the power in any moment to choose. How you use it depends on you and you alone.  Everything in your environment is a trigger, how will you choose to respond?  Your life is up to you.






We hear it said constantly that we are responsible for our own feelings, but our environment teaches us differently.  We hear phrases all the time like “She makes me so mad….”, or “My boss makes me feel so stupid.” or “That movie made me so unhappy.”  These things are triggers with NO power but what WE give them.  Let’s say you come to me for a consultation.  While we are sitting across from each other at my table, you get kicked on the shins.  Your reactions are “Ow!”, “Why did you do that?” “What’s wrong with me that you’d do that?” “I’m angry!”  All these thoughts and feelings are nanosecond fast.  All of them are valid by virtue of the fact that you felt them. But when you look under the table, you see my Great Dane puppy asleep and kicking in his dreams. You realize it was all an accident. Magically, there is no more shin pain, no more anger.  Where did it go?  Why was it there? 


In another example, if I said “You have the ugliest green hair I’ve ever seen!” you wouldn’t react because you know you don’t have green hair. There was no self worth target.  The trigger hit nothing. You might think I was nuts, but your self worth wouldn’t be engaged.  With the dog example, your lack of self worth programming was the target and the trigger hit it.


You reacted to triggers. You took an emotional ride that matched your self worth issues, or rather, your lack of self worth. Feeling lack in your self-worth, you took a journey aligning with that internal program.


Triggers exist everywhere.  They are really all there for us to see and then work on our own issues. They are gifts to us.  It is always a choice as to how we use those gifts.







(Item #8 in Ten Secrets to Choosing Joy)


People teach about how to protect from psychic attack. Psychic attack requires a sender and a receiver.  If you are the receiver of such energy, simply tear the label off it.  Stop calling it ‘attack’.  It is just raw energy.  Energy cannot be destroyed, simply changed.  Best of all, it can be changed just by your intention!  Use the energy and change it to Love.  Put your new label on it. Surround yourself and the sender with that Love. That is the truest ‘defense’. Be love, send it, feel it, acknowledge it, allow it and reflect it. 


If you send hate, anger or revenge back, you will indeed get more of same. You have engaged (received) the fear and forgotten to change the label on the raw energy.  If you believe that lighting candles, or doing a ritual, or blessing oneself works, then to the extent you play in that defense arena, you are already attacked.  Simply surround yourself with love and BE it, send it, feel it. Love is the true nature of the Self.


A wonderful lesson in A Course in Miracles  says "Your attack thoughts attack your invulnerability."  Very wise indeed.  We are truly invulnerable.  It is our fears that undermine us. They attach to that raw energy labeled attack.   Our deep internalized fears rise up to invalidate our natural state of love.  We can recognize our fears and love them. Re-label the energy to Love. It’s just like electricity, not good, not bad, but it’s how we apply that energy that helps or hurts.


No doubt there can be perceived attacks. It is up to us to decide to tear the label off and use the energy to help not hurt. We have the power to transmute such energy simply by intention. Engage love and overcome fear.  Joy is always an option. So is Love. Try choosing them.  This is one of the Ten Secrets to Choosing Joy.






I was really angry at my Mother….. again. I wanted to find a way to let it go.  I had made my obligatory phone call to check in on her and she started in again on her old harangue…. Her victimization by an aquaintance.  This happens as people age I have learned. They perceive injury, they vent anger.  It is a last gasp, futile effort to control what cannot be controlled… death.  But it didn’t matter, I was angry.  I acknowledged my feelings… total, unmitigated anger; frustration; trapped.  What did I want to do with it I asked myself. What could I do?  


I decided that I could not change her, so I’d have to change me.  How could I do that in the moment? I decided to change my perspective because that was the only thing I had control over.  Ok, I could have hung up, but then I’d have to deal with the guilt and I’d still be angry!  So I decided to see her as God, experiencing herself as my mother;  trapped in the game of forgetting who she really was.  I could see her as more.  I could hold that image, if only for a moment, of her grandness, her true self.  In the moment I held that awareness, she stopped in mid sentence and said “Lets change the subject, I don’t want to talk about that anymore.”  I was shocked.  By doing nothing, all had been accomplished.  My intent was simply to change MY perception.  In doing so, everything had been changed. There was no intent to change her nor any intent to fix anything. How powerful we are, yet unaware. By raising my vision   My anger had become a path to joy.


Anger is not something to be got rid of but something to be loved into wholeness.  Everything is a path to God.  As my old teacher used to say, “There are a thousand ways home; and joy is always an option”.






Joy comes in a variety of ways.  Sometimes it’s in the form of gaining wisdom or perspective, enlightenment, if you will.  Recently I realized that there has been an evolution in my awareness about healing and I wanted to share it with you.



The old method of healers and patients embraced the concept  “I am broken, please fix me.” Here the client gave up all their power to the healer.


The next method was “Heal Thyself, I’ll show you how.” This was the beginning of empowerment of the individual in hir own healing process.


Next came “You aren’t broken, you’re perfect just as you are.  Embrace your perfection and all will align back in to wholeness/ health.” Even more self empowerment.  The healer would hold the space for knowing of that perfection offering an option to the client to step into that field of self awareness. and higher vibration.


Now comes the most simple of awarenesses: “I am you. We are all One. I am responsible for all that exists in my life including ‘others’ illnesses because it represents something unloved within me. I will love and forgive the unloved aspect of me-you that is within me-you that seems to cause dis-ease.    As I heal and love myself, you are healed and loved. We are One. So be it.


For more information please go to   www.hooponopono.org .


Healing is as simple as loving yourself.  Loving yourself heals the world.  If you wish mastery in this life, love yourself first. In doing so, you will have achieved it.





You never know where or when you’ll hear a story that changes your perspective.


At a recent party a lovely lady mentioned several times she’d lost her mother in a car crash years ago. I finally inquired as to the rest of the story.  She had been unable to come to closure with the loss of her best friend, her Mother. She’d found out about the crash several days after the accident, in time for the funeral, but had no one to talk to about what really happened. 


Her husband wanted to move from California back to Washington and they were holding a garage sale.  She was still numb and robotically going through the motions of the move.  A man dressed all in white came to the sale and in chatting she told him her mother had died in a car crash hitting a tree.  He replied “Was it a brown Toyota  It was. “Did her Mom wear beads?”  She did. He told her that he had been the first on the scene after the accident and cradled her Mom’s head in his lap until the paramedics arrived.  Her beads had wrapped tightly over her nose and bothered her and he had moved them for her. She died there. But because of that single incident, he had become a paramedic and saved many, many lives.  They embraced, each thanking the other for the gift.


Sometimes it takes a while to reveal the purpose in grief and loss, tragedy and crisis. It is always there.  Our perspective will eventually reveal it.  Wait, trust, allow.  You are much loved.






As I write this the planet Mercury is in a serious retrograde.  Computers, cell phones, connecting with people you need to speak to, recordings of shows I wanted to see; all are being challenging.  I’m not a huge believer in the stars ruling me because I know we are creators; but I recognize that at times we need to surrender and realign.


If I create one hassle in any arena, it’s just a small issue on the big screen.  But this communication thing is showing up daily.  So it’s a big deal and now I get a chance to CHOOSE how I’m going to respond to it.  Frustration, anger, irritation….. or not. 


I can choose to laugh, seeing the whole thing as totally absurd, the illusion it really is.


I can recognize it’s a clear message (one of the few clear messages in this Mercury affected time!) that I need to back off and shift my communication energies.  That might mean thinking before I speak; shutting down the computer and taking a break; or finding the silver lining in this Mercury cloud.  Choosing to see it all as a child needing a nap is a good way for me to begin laughing at it. Seeing anything as a child takes the power away from the situation.


Remember everything that happens is me showing me what me is all about.  So whatever is happening is being done FOR me, not TO me.  Now that’s a huge difference in perspective.


To be on our spiritual path is to choose which perspective we want to come from.  Knee jerk reactions that take us down old paths of resistance, frustration and demands are choices to continue the ‘war’ on communication.  War on anything is still separation, resistance and conflict. 


Choose alignment.  Make peace with these moments.  How?


Stand back.  Pay attention.  Notice what is happening objectively. Make a conscious, enlightened choice.  Go ahead and get angry if we wish… just love our anger.  Be frustrated if we wish, just don’t judge our frustration.  Embrace our shadow energy.  Align with it. It just wants to be noticed and loved. Take it into our lightbeing selves. 


Remember this.  When there is a completely dark room adjoining a sunlit room, and you open the door between them.  The sunlight fills the dark room.  The dark does not fill the sunny room, nor lessen its quality.  We get to choose our perspective.  Joy is always a choice. 


I think I’ll have a cup of tea, sit and relax and align with internal communication instead of external.  Green tea for you too?





Item #4 in Ten Secrets to Choosing Joy: 


In my book “Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis” this is the fourth of ten secrets: Give away what you need. It’s pretty simple, but harder to remember to do it. 


When you are feeling lonely, you want companionship.  Give companionship away to others.  Get together with friends.  Go to a mall and begin conversation with the sales clerk, or sit on a bench and begin chatting with a perfect stranger.


I have always found it helpful in these situations to have a handy opening line with strangers.  Certainly the weather, the shops, the holidays are great topics.  But we really ache to be on a more personal basis, that will connect hearts and fill that emptiness within.  I suggest asking something like “Do you travel? What is the most interesting place you ever been?”  Perhaps mention an intriguing person you knew and ask them “Who  the most fascinating person you ever met??  Maybe discuss some artistic talent you love and ask “What is the most memorable accomplishment you ever had?”


These things stir dusty memories of joy and pleasure within each of us.  They lead to happiness in this current moment. By offering someone an opportunity to share their story, we are enriched.  Our hearts connect in that single moment.  It becomes a sort of Hallmark Card moment!  And we can ‘give’ this away everyday!  So truly the giving becomes the receiving. 


There are many lonely people out there… a whole world for you to interact with.  By giving away what you desire, you accomplish more than you would know.  It costs nothing but the overcoming of shyness.  The results are well worth the effort.  By putting the focus on another and asking questions, you can still retreat in your shyness and they can shine with their reminiscing. Everyone wins.


Last week, an incident while traveling left me feeling completely abandoned and unloved.  I was in need of nurturing.  I know the best thing to do is follow my own advice:  find something on my joy list to do; be grateful for things; and the other items in my Secrets to Joy.  They do all work.  I was happy and still needed nurturing. So I followed secret number four and emailed a friend who had indicated they were going through some emotional crisis.  It seemed like the same feelings of abandonment to me.  So in reaching out and nurturing ‘other’ I was nurtured.  The reply email verified this notion.


We really are all One.

More on the Ten Secrets to Choosing Joy.








Sitting in Starbucks I overheard a foursome discussing business.  Much of it was negative, eg “If we do that it’ll kill us”; or “If that happens our business will just die”.  They began discussing whether or not to hire a new applicant. Their methods were absurd, horrific even. What they based their decision on could just as easily have been a dice throw. As a psychic, one of my specialties has been corporate consulting regarding employees, based on their names.



It got me to thinking, how each of us is a fount of wisdom having some hidden knowledge or talent that would surprise others.  So I decided to ask people what theirs’ were. I wanted to be amazed and learn and connect.


Soon, a single lady replaced the foursome.  I immediately began chatting and told her of the concept and asked her what her surprise was.  “What is it that would surprise people about what you know or what you do or want?  Her daughter, who had joined her in the midst of this, answered quickly for her Mom who had a blank look.  “She volunteers everywhere for everything… She’s always helping people.”  Then her daughter wanted a turn. She was passionate about her school interests and  her love for children.  She wanted to help people. In addition, a recent video she’d seen dovetailed with my comments to her about the wonderful organization Save The Children. It turned out the organization was discussed in that same video.  Like an interesting confirmation, the universe was saying to her to take notice and take a second look. Who knows what that sparked in her.  She was a dynamic young lady.



Next a young man sat in the armchair near me.  He was quiet, kept to himself and seemed sort of shy. After two seconds of small chit chat, I asked him the same thing, telling him of the foursome.  What was his surprise?  “I’m in a rock band.” he said. He had been for years!  You would never have even guessed it. That led to an intense conversation about his hopes and dreams, what was holding him back, creating the reality he wanted, the false dream for him called marriage and the Beaver Cleaver family he thought he’d been raised in until in his early 20s he woke up, the veil ripped away, replaced by a different reality. He’d thought every childhood was like his and that it was normal.  He had thought it was normal to have a drunk daddy that mommy cracked open the beer bottles for all day while he drove them on the Cleaver family vacation. At least he did wake up.  Many haven’t.



Next time you are alone but yearn for company or conversation in a bus, on a park bench, in a restaurant, at a coffee shop or in line at the checkout, ask  the person next to you  “What is your surprise? What would people be surprised that you do, think, have, want or know?”


It’s a lot more interesting than “Do you live nearby?”  and “Isn’t it cold out?” You’ll be surprised!


So write to me and SURPRISE ME!







Yes, they’re coming. But don’t be afraid, just be aware. Your fear or joy adds to the experience.  So if you are in fear, they can be empowered, increased, dramatic.  If you are in joy, they will be disempowered, especially as they affect you personally, or they may occur in an unpopulated area like the Mt St Augustine volcano in Alaska or Mt St Helens.


Earth is a living, breathing organism, quite alive and dynamic.  We can align with her growth and shifts or be fearful of them.  Our thoughts and emotions affect everything.  Dr Emoto’s  experiments have shown us the power of blessing water and how the individual crystals actually change for the better when blessed and for the worse when angry words are spoken around the water. Our earth and our bodies are mostly water.  Our thoughts and feelings greatly affect them both.


We are truly powerful beings, much more than we have yet acknowledged.  We can help heal our planet or add to its trauma.  Through the internet, several organizations recently gathered over 100,000 people to meditate and send healing energy to cities, situations, crime ridden areas and war zones.  They were able to noticeably reduce crime and create peacefulness in troubled areas. When their energies were withdrawn, the problems began to re-emerge.  We can and do have an effect on our world. 


It is true that as the energy waves of transformation hit this planet, they intensify the extremes of love or fear. As the dark gets darker, the light gets lighter. Those who align with fear will experience harsher extremes that will push their fear buttons.  There is great purpose in this. For most on this planet, fear is the master teacher.  It causes change, for without it, inertia holds them in patterns of stuckness. 


Like great roller coaster rides or massive earthquakes, we are thrilled by the fear and drawn to it like a magnet, even if only to watch.  Fear is only one option. Joy and love of the sense of aliveness is another.  The earth has and always will be in transition.  So too we humans grow through genetic makeovers. The new indigo and crystal and rainbow children now being born into earth are the next metamorphosis of humans.  It is a startling thought.  Genetically, their DNA is changed.  What great new opportunities they bring along with earth’s new birthing.


So it is up to us to either resist, dig in, stay stuck and align with fear; or to allow, breathe, align with love, embrace growth and change.  The first is constricting and closed down.  It is an option.  The second aligns with our highest vibrations, our God like resonance.


We are at our best when we honor each person as a creator no matter what is going on for them. So when the earth breathes, remember to breathe yourself.  Joy is always a choice. Are you courageous enough to choose it?





Imagine this. You die and when you cross over all your friends meet you and excitedly ask “How was your vacation?”  "Vacation? "You respond. "That was supposed to be a vacation????"


And so we take this reality way too seriously. We really are here for joy.  It’s difficult to integrate all the pain and suffering, hunger and loss in the world but it is possible.


In order to do this we must remember a few basics.  Now stay with me and know there is compassion in these statements as well as some truth.


·        Every experience is an illusion when we see it from our higher vibrational selves.

·         We are all creators, not victims, even though it appears that way. 

·        We are all One.  Each pain in this world is an aspect of us that has not yet been loved. 


We are all connected, like the thumb of the right hand and the little finger of the left.  Although they appear quite different, seem separate and act independently, they are one.  The air in Afghanistan is not separate from the air in Phoenix.  Countries of the world have no real borders; we have simply created them and we can abolish them as Europe has done already. There are no dividing lines when we remember to perceive things from a higher point of view.


The world is moving into a faster vibration.  This is a fact in physics. The rate of vibration of energy between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere has measurable increased from 7.17 to more than 11.5 over the last few years. We and our planet are in the middle of the ascension process. 


Fifty years from now, when we look back, we’ll laugh at or have forgotten what was important in this moment.  For that matter, look back now and realize the billions of ‘important’ daily incidents in hundreds of millions of lives seem totally irrelevant, even unknown.  We don’t even really care about them for the most part.  And so it will be in retrospect for most of what is going on in our lives. 


What is important is whether you were a force for love or a force for fear.  That is the real value in a life.  We remember those who loved, Mother Theresa, Christ, Buddha, Gandhi and the many others who touched our lives creating that higher vibration within. 


Be that force yourself.  You are here to find joy.  You have managed to create a reality for yourself filled with food, warmth, shelter, love and abundance to some degree.  If you are reading this, then your levels of these basics are much higher than most of the world, no matter how unloved or unhappy you feel.  You have the possibility to change in a moment and embrace joy.  It surrounds you.  Raise your vibration and embrace it.  Become it. Choose it. Breathe it. Be it.  Hold the space for joy, in joy, until the world remembers with you.


Joy is always an option.  Remember, this is a vacation.


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